Porsche Partners Up With German Startup to Bring Blockchain Technology To Automotive Vehicles


It was recently announced that automotive pioneer Porsche, has recently completed a blockchain application pilot with XAIN. Porsche blockchain project consists of an app that will allow users to interact directly with their vehicle. The German car manufacturer is now one of the most famous automotive companies to use blockchain technology.Since the announcement, Porsche blockchain partnership has garnered a considerable amount of attention.

Porsche’s partner XAIN have been in the process of establishing a name for themselves as a blockchain solution manufacturer. According to their website they use “modern machine learning algorithms, particularly reinforcement learning, to stabilize our own Ethereum-based low-energy blockchain”. This “enables an enterprise-ready, robust and adaptable infrastructure for automated business processes.

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Users will be able to download an app that will provide temporary access authorizations which will allow them to lock and unlock their vehicle from their mobile device. In addition to this convenient user functionality, data transactions will be subjected to secure data logging to ensure high performance and privacy. This lays the groundwork to the use of blockchain in autonomous driving further down the road.

Upon launching the app, it takes approximately 1.6 seconds to open and close the car. Like all blockchain applications, the transfer of data from device to vehicle is encrypted via the use of cryptography. Porsche have hinted that they intend to make sure that the car can be opened automatically for parcel deliveries in future.

With blockchain technology, a distributed ledger records data transactions that are then verified through a network of computers. In terms of vehicles, this means that data could be shared from mobile devices to vehicles in order to offer remote functions and regional learning features.

The use of blockchain technology in the automotive industry marks a growth in overall transparency. At the moment, the transfer of data between our devices, vehicles and the internet of things is incredibly limited. However as blockchain technology eliminates barriers to data transfers, we can expect to see more companies adopt blockchain.

It is worth mentioning that Porsche have not limited themselves to just a single mobile application. Porsche blockchain ambitions don’t stop here as the company is also working on new enterprise blockchain applications to help boost their production efficiency. Auditable data logging offers one of the most promising uses of blockchain technology on the market today.

Vehicles will be able to share local data without any unauthorized users gaining access. Currently our vehicles remain solitary and siloed environments. However, with the rise of blockchain technology our cars could become mobile hubs of communication.

Whether that enables supply companies to drop off parcels in cars without interacting with a person or delivery vehicles to share local data, the applications are endless. In the last few years, the future of the automotive industry has been dominated by autonomous driving and electric vehicles but it appears that blockchain technology has added another disruptive influence to that list.

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