ANX International

A financial technology solution company seeking to create an ecosystem for digital assets by combining blockchain technology with conventional payment systems. ANX International is credited with launching the world’s first digital assets physical retail store, allowing customers to purchase digital currencies with cash from a physical store instead of using online exchanges. The company offers a range of blockchain products which include ANX blockchain services, digital asset exchange platform, white label solutions, ANX vault app and other innovative payment solutions. These services provide the tools for assessing the ANX trading platform, web-based wallets, and a customized blockchain explorer.

  • Efficient blockchain payment system making digital assets easily accessible to clients
  • Configurable self-service solutions with top-notch security
  • Blockchain explorer concept incorporated into the system allowing clients to view and trace information effortlessly
  • Top-level security protocols, architecture and encryption techniques integrated into the overall system
  • Digital assets exchange platform (ANXPRO)  allows for pre-scan pricing, digital asset price/quantity fixing, and multi-currency settlement
  • Industrial security standard vault app which utilizes DDOS and multi-firewall protection services to keep client funds in cold storage protecting them from hackers
  • Innovative payment solutions offering customers digital assets payout solutions and transaction acquiring services

Hong Kong


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