Blockchain solutions provider with a focus on financial institutions and capital market service providers. Axoni develops highly efficient distributed ledger solutions that incorporate secure and multi-layered party infrastructure for optimum performance. The company has developed the AxCore technology which lies at the heart of its blockchain system and serves as the framework for the sharing and synchronization of data between stakeholders while maintaining key principles of the capital market including privacy, stability, and accountability. Following the activation of its blockchain network, Axoni allows its users to deploy distributed applications via smart contracts. The Axoni blockchain software is compatible with several use cases and asset classes of the most advanced financial institutions in the world.

  • Privacy is enforced in every given transaction by ensuring that data sharing is restricted to the appropriate parties
  • High throughput system delivering optimized experience for the end user
  • Persistent reconciliation and synchronization between counterparties on data and events
  • The system integrates inherent auditability and a fully automated life cycle event manager
  • Complete stack software solution comprising of APIs, installation packages, and graphical interface
  • Highly efficient modular architecture built to handle large-scale systems and provide dynamic implementation options
  • Provision of read-only access regulatory report for concerned entities

United States


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