FinTech company seeking to revamp the payment system by providing distributed ledger technology solutions that improve speed, cut down costs and boosts the overall efficiency of the payment platform. Under the Bitt ecosystem, users are able to send and receive money globally and process their financial transactions on their mobile device or computer system by utilizing Bitt addresses or QR codes. By leveraging blockchain technology, Bitt has been able to eliminate the need of third parties or central figures since all transactions in the Bitt ecosystem is authenticated by the blockchain.

  • Simple and secure mobile wallet allowing for safe transactions and payment for goods or services both locally and internationally
  • Intuitive and easy to use mobile app, allowing for efficient management of financial assets
  • Offering advanced transaction services, technologies and expanded online market coverage for financial institutions
  • Provision of white label mobile technology solutions designed to enhance banking experience and add value to customers
  • Deployment of blockchain and mobile banking solutions for cutting costs and creating new revenue opportunities for banks
  • Innovative payment system that allows central banks to digitize currency by issuing immutable digital assets designed with interoperable functionalities
  • Advanced exchange service enabling secure sale and purchase of digital currencies



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