Distributed ledger technology startup that has developed a system for identity management, credit risk assessment, and credit scoring using end-to-end protocols that run entirely on a blockchain. The Bloom protocol relies on the Ethereum architecture and combines the BloomID, BloomIQ, and BloomScore to create a seamless and trustless ecosystem for lenders and borrowers, unlocking the power of secure global identities and modernizing the credit scoring process.

This blockchain-based approach will allow both traditional lenders and their cryptocurrency counterparts to offer their services to a wide range of unbanked individuals as well as those unable to obtain a credit score. By leveraging the BloomID feature, customers can create verifiable blockchain identities giving them access to decentralized applications around the world.

  • Global blockchain identities can be created through the BloomID protocol
  • BloomIQ presents a secure system for tracking current historical debt obligations tied to a user’s BloomID
  • Secure and verifiable identities allow users to access global decentralized application services (dAppS)
  • BloomScore protocol provides a system for calculating credit risks while also serving as a dynamic indicator for a borrower’s likelihood to pay debts
  • The BloomScore protocol also incentivizes reputation building and credit trustworthiness
  • BloomID provides users with complete control over data, allowing the user to determine exactly how their data is used
  • BloomToken(BLT) will enable organizations to participate in user identity evaluation and will serve as the voting token to guide the development of the Bloom protocol

United States


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