Startup company providing blockchain solutions to track the origin of high value assets on a global digital ledger. The startup offers banks, open markets, and insurers traceability and supply chain solutions to tackle fraud and mitigate business risks by leveraging new technologies such as smart contracts, machine vision, and blockchain technology. As a transparency oriented entity, Everledger builds on private and public blockchains to create a transparency based hybrid technical model. This approach provides its clients with the best features of both worlds allowing them to capitalize on the permissioned controls of a private blockchain as well as the high security of the public blockchain. Everledger is also a contributor to the Hyperledger community and is committed to developing innovative blockchain concepts and advancing open source collaboration.

  • Global digital ledger enforces traceability, protecting and tracking valuable goods through the supply chain
  • Digital certification and verification protocols ensure transparency and secures the provenance of high-value assets in global trade
  • Everledger creates a digital thumbprint for traded goods/products allowing supply chain stakeholders to verify their authenticity and track their origin easily
  • Implementation of smart contract protocols to establish trust in the global marketplace
  • Diamond Time-Lapse Protocol specifically designed to improve traceability, provenance, and authenticity in the diamond and jewelry industry
  • Combining smart contracts with digital certification and verification to allay the risk of fraud, theft, and trafficking

United Kingdom


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