Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph allows people to securely conduct trustless transactions without the need for a third party. It uses a different consensus from the popular proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm.

  • Cryptographically secure platform using a "gossip by gossip" protocol which allows nodes to seamlessly and securely exchange data with other nodes on the network
  • Each node runs the same consensus algorithm – virtual voting – as the others, under any circumstance
  • High performance network with "near-perfect efficiency in bandwidth usage"
  • Capable of handling hundreds of thousands of transactions per second
  • High level of security, with asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT) — the first platform to successfully implement aBFT, with formal proof
  • Resistant to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Transparency and fairness by ensuring no single participant can block the flow of transactions and no group of participants can influence the consensus on transactions
  • Developers can build an entirely new class of dApps with improved functionality

United States


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