Humaniq is a secure decentralized based finance ecosystem seeking to deliver financial inclusion services to the millions of unbanked and underbanked individuals worldwide. By combining new generation technological innovations with its own native cryptocurrency, the Humaniq blockchain mobile app is able to provide innovative money solutions for its users.

To achieve its aim of empowering the unbanked, the company will utilize biometric identification and a simplified user interface to get rid of banking process complexities. Unlike traditional banks that require a lot of personal details for signing up, Humaniq will only require simple android smartphones. This approach will allow the company to reach out to a wide group of people in emerging economies. Its platform is regarded as a blockchain banking 4.0 application and is built on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. The company has been able to secure solid partnerships with Deloitte, Future Fintech, Level39 Tech Accelerator, and ThinkRise. Humaniq is also a signatory member of the UN Global Impact.

  • Replaces traditional passports and leger verification with biometric identification
  • Humaniq token, HMQ, governs the platform’s ecosystem, allowing for interaction with its mobile application
  • Secure and accurate facial and voice recognition algorithms integrated into the system preventing illicit use of Humaniq services
  • Humaniq platform can be accessed from multiple devices
  • Individuals without sufficient capital can raise funds through token based incentivized tasks on its app
  • Quick access to transactional data via the Humaniq mobile wallet interface available on IOS and Android platforms
  • Humaniq privately hosted servers provide extended functionalities for  standard token contracts

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