Enterprise-grade blockchain offering solutions and infrastructure which can be deployed across all industries, including the finance sector. It allows organizations to securely and conveniently manage distributed transactions. Nexledger is a product of Samsung SDS, subsidiary of Samsung Group specializing in digital transformation and innovation.

  • Businesses can easily build a secure system with high performance and detailed management monitoring features
  • One-time signup blockchain ID for seamless verification of users
  • Customers can initiate and securely confirm transactions with each other
  • Management monitoring system checks the creation of new blocks and provides detailed, real-time network activity
  • Secure management of digitally-signed documents without the need for third-party authentication
  • Highly efficient and scalable platform
  • Smart contracts functionality for automating transactions
  • Real-time verification and sharing of transaction histories (even high-volume transactions) which are accessible by all participants

South Korea


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