Blockchain-based platform for lawyers to create and execute legal agreements by harnessing the power of smart contracts. Lawyers can digitally sign and securely store legal agreements using OpenLaw — while maintaining ‘user-friendliness’ and industry compliance. Its aim is to transform the legal industry by being the first blockchain platform to successfully integrate traditional legal agreements with smart contracts technology.

  • Automatically create and execute legal agreements
  • Securely and privately store legal documents on a decentralized blockchain
  • Integrates Ethereum smart contracts functionality into legal agreements, which helps to decrease ambiguity in legal documents and reduce the risk of litigation
  • Smart legal agreements are programmable and can be updated easily, when required
  • Faster closing of complex legal agreements using smart contracts and innovative blockchain technology
  • Legal Markup language (similar to wiki text) which enables creation of legal templates for automatic generation of legal documents
  • Can extend functionality using Legal Markup language
  • Signatures are stored on the blockchain for later use and to make digital signing easier

United States


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