Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

Enterprise-grade blockchain cloud platform that enables organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications. The blockchain-as-a-service platform conducts trustless transactions by running self-executing smart contracts and securely (and immutably) store data on the blockchain. Stored data can be accessed in real time for easy auditing and verification.

  • A decentralized blockchain network for B2B transactions and sharing of real-time data
  • Encouraged innovation through novel business models and opening up opportunities to reach new markets
  • Consistent and real-time data storage across all nodes
  • Stored data can only be accessed by authorized users with corresponding keys
  • Scalable and highly-secure platform using data-at-rest encryption
  • Immutability of stored data on the blockchain
  • Regular ledger backups for point-in-time recovery, in case of any malicious attack
  • Increased developer efficiency and versatility of applications by implementing REST API and Oracle integration accelerators
  • Seamless building and administration of blockchain networks

United States


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