Financial-grade blockchain technology platform focused on blockchain settlements and payments. SETL system operates the OpenCSD platform which integrates a multi-asset and multi-currency settlement infrastructure based on blockchain technology. Market shareholders can transfer assets and cash to each other, improving transactional speed and finalization of settlements in market transactions. SETL system utilizes a permissioned blockchain and has a range of uses including commercial invoices, cross-border multi-currency, and private and cooperative implementations.

  • Provides support for banks and financial institutions at the center of the financial infrastructure
  • Built in system for handling liquidity, repos, payments, and collateral functions
  • Capable of handling billions of transactions per day
  • Integration of encrypted messaging and authentication using cryptography to secure communication between participants and for the protection of sensitive data during the settlement process
  • User friendly web-based interface for the operation of wallets across shared and private blockchains
  • Web socket architecture allows for the provision of real-time view of positions transactions and cash balances
  • Enhanced API features providing flexibility to create custom apps to compliment SETL built-in control functions

United Kingdom


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