Blockchain based initiative providing enterprise solutions for the supply chain. Skuchain is involved in the creation of blockchain based B2B trade products and tools for efficient supply chain management. Designed to be ledger agnostic, the Skuchain system operates on the Bitcoin blockchain platform, using a combination of tokenized identifiers, smart contract technology, and enhanced security protocols to improve trust between vendors and consumers and facilitate transparency and visibility. Skuchain’s blockchain technology targets visibility, finance improvement, and payment intersections, taking into account the requirements of both buyers and sellers and providing all participants full control of the supply chain.

  • Smart IoT contracts toolsets allow users to design and deploy primitives for fluidity in supply chain management
  • Trusted IoT Alliance protocol provides a platform for the creation of secure cryptographical identities linked across the physical and digital worlds
  • High security is ensured by deploying Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s) and sensors containing self-signing secure elements.
  • A common registration protocol is used to enable industry and commerce legacy systems to communicate securely with cryptographic networks
  • Deployment of EC3 (Empowered Collaborative Commerce Cloud) Platform for combining advanced blockchain technologies with traditional enterprise IT realities
  • Implementation of Popcodes (Proof of Provenance codes) for tracking the flow of commodities
  • The purchase cycle is governed by cryptographically secure smart contracts known as “Brackets”
  • Skuchain’s Inventory Management and Trading Services allow users to seamlessly convert illiquid assets to blockchain assets.
  • Implementation of Zero Knowledge Collaboration technology to bolster data security allowing for effective cooperation between supply chain partners.

United States


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