Symbiont Assembly

Named among Forbes Fintech 50 2018, Symbiont is a FinTech company which has developed a blockchain-based platform, Symbiont Assembly, for issuance and trading of smart securities—that is, self-executing smart contracts. Smart contracts created on Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain enable complex instruments to complete their lifecycle on a secure and truly decentralized network. It has partnered with major corporations and government institutions such as Vanguard Group and the State of Delaware, and its services are targeted at enterprise and institutional applications.

  • With Symbiont's Smart Securities ® technology, institutions can share data on a unified ledger using advanced cryptographic techniques—ensuring utmost confidentiality and security
  • Trustless exchange of data with Symbiont's Smart Securities ®
  • True Byzantine Fault-Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm for protection against faulty (or malicious) nodes on the network
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs by automating manual processes in financial transactions
  • Immutability of stored ledger data and high availability of important files
  • Reduced risk through decentralized storage of data and elimination of third parties
  • Horizontal scalability to various performance requirements, up to 80,000 TX/s
  • Provision of real-time market data for proper monitoring and, as a result, increased transparency

United States


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