Blockchain-based platform which allows the management and tracking of assets along the entire supply chain. With smart contracts enabled on Viant platform, users can model and track assets reliably, and enforce the required business processes which an asset must go through. Additionally, each step of the process is recorded on the blockchain for auditing and verification purposes.

  • Provides a transparent and reliable method for tracking assets on the supply chain, using real-time data
  • Assets are tracked using the four major attributes: what, who, when and where
  • Easy-to-use web-based UI to simplify the process of modelling all the aspects of asset tracking
  • With the Smart Builder component, users, user roles and permissions can all be managed from a web interface
  • Smart contracts and application UI are automatically generated based on models developed in the Modeler component, to reduce cost and time required to build asset tracking solutions
  • Decentralized storage of data on the blockchain, preventing rogue users from tampering with assets
  • Trust and reliability with a cryptographically secure and immutable blockchain
  • Tracker component can be applied to provide asset tracking solutions in many industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, real estate and many more

United States


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