Blockchain Finance

Read the latest blockchain finance news from around the globe to learn more about how financial institutions are using blockchain technology to address inefficiencies.

Bank of Korea Seeks a Consulting Partner to Accelerate CBDC Launch
The Bank of Korea (BoK) is in search of a consulting partner to help develop the architecture for its Central[...]
MasterCard Asia Files Device Billing System Patent Compatible With Iota’s Tangle Network
MasterCard Asia has filed a patent for a device billing system that aims to help shared device users and merchants[...]
ConsenSys Acquires JP Morgan’s Quorum Blockchain
Quorum, the enterprise blockchain platform developed by mega-bank JPMorgan Chase, being acquired by ConsenSys, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Ethereum venture studio.[...]
Expobank Sets Precedent in Russia by Issuing the First Crypto-Backed Loan
Russian commercial bank Expobank has set the ball rolling in this nation by issuing a loan secured by crypto tokens.[...]
Following OCC Letter, Some US Banks Appear Open to Providing Crypto Services
Major U.S. banks might be willing to support cryptocurrency services – with just a bit of additional guidance from the[...]
Bank of England Chooses Accenture To Rebuild UK Payment System
The Bank of England, the UK’s central bank will work with Accenture to build and develop a new innovative world-class[...]
Malaysia’s National Stock Exchange Conducts Blockchain PoC to Digitize Bond Market
Malaysia’s national stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia will conduct a blockchain Proof-of-Concept (PoC) dubbed "Project Harbour" to explore the DLT management[...]
Bank of Japan Now Considers its CBDC Project a Top Priority
The Bank of Japan is reportedly expediting the development of its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). A top official of[...]
Top Banks in South Korea Select CenterPrime And Chainlink To Bring FX Rates Data to DeFi
In South Korea, leading commercial banks have selected local fintech platform CenterPrime and Oracle system Chainlink to bring foreign exchange[...]
Southeast Asia Is Digitizing Finances
As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, history seemingly repeated itself as familiar public health strategies were gradually implemented[...]