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Blockchain news for business professionals in supply chain, energy, automotive, finance, other key industries.

Bumble Bee Foods Implementing Blockchain Technology in Tracking Seafood
Have you ever stood in a supermarket walkway with cans of  tuna in your shopping cart  wondering how it found[...]
Blockchain Spending Will Reach $2.9 Billion in 2019, 88% Increase from 2018
Global spending on blockchain solutions will see a tremendous increase this year. This is according to a report from International[...]
First Cryptocurrency Conference Coming To New Orleans
As global interest in cryptocurrencies and similar blockchain derivatives is on the rise, a growing number of conferences are popping[...]
IBM Introduces Blockchain Testing Services To Secure Blockchain Technology
X-Force Red, IBM’s blockchain and cybersecurity team, just launched a blockchain testing service that aims to help businesses test and[...]
Samsung Galaxy S10 Featuring A Crypto Wallet
One very interesting characteristic of the tech community is that it anxiously waits for announcements from the big companies in[...]
Turkish Telecom Giant Turkcell Introduces Blockchain ID Management Product
Turkcell, one of the fastest growing telecom company in the world, launched an identify management blockchain-powered project for global roaming[...]
Germany Working With Industries To Develop a Blockchain Strategy
It is no longer news that blockchain technology provides many advantages to businesses across industries. This ability to enhance various[...]
Mercedes-Benz Launches Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain Transparency
German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz has become the latest global car manufacturer to implement blockchain technology to streamline its supply chain.[...]
BMW Leads Efforts to Develop Blockchain Technology Standards in Mobility Industry
Blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the automotive industry as major automakers are doubling their efforts to validate the potential[...]
JPMorgan Creates its Digital Coin, JPMorgan Coin, for Internal Payments
On the 14th of February 2019, U.S. multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase surprised the blockchain community when it announced that[...]