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NASA Blockchain Proposal To Improve Flight Data Security
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has turned its focus towards blockchain technology to help safeguard the privacy and[...]
What to expect from the Blockchain in 2019?
2018 was not the most interesting year in terms of “announced” developments in the blockchain ecosystem. There was a limited[...]
How the Electric Car Industry can Reduce Costs with Blockchain
The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) industry has seen big developments in recent years, especially with the introduction of several new[...]
AMD Partners with ConsenSys to Build Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Computing Solutions
Ethereum solutions provider ConsenSys has teamed up with multinational microchip manufacturer AMD and Abu Dhabi-based investment management firm Halo Holdings[...]
Will Blockchain Underpin the Future Global Commerce and Trade?
Blockchain is a new(ish) technology with the potential to create a new internet of value and underpin a significant amount[...]
Chilean Government Unveils Blockchain Project for Public Payment Processing
As governments all over the world continue to adopt blockchain technology to solve various problems and enhance public services, the[...]
Visa Acquires Ripple Cross-Border Payment Partner Earthport
Visa has bought Earthport, a UK-based payment company that provides cross-border payments solutions to banks and businesses while leveraging blockchain[...]
U.S. Military Explores Blockchain for Disaster Relief
The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLA) has recently announced that it is exploring how it could leverage blockchain technology[...]
Bank of America New Patent To Build a Blockchain-Driven ATM Network
Bank of America (BOA) has applied to patent a blockchain-powered ATM network to streamline its volume cash handling business. The[...]
Porsche Secures $170 Million Loan Using Blockchain Platform
German carmaker, Porsche, closed a $170 million loan using a blockchain platform last week with Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya[...]