Blockchain Supply Chain

Read the latest blockchain supply chain news from around the globe to learn how leading companies are using blockchain to streamline their supply chain.

Walmart Blockchain-Based Angus Beef Supply Debuting
Walmart is now reporting its new venture into the U.S. beef sector by creating an end-to-end supply chain of Angus beef[...]
Starbucks Using Microsoft Blockchain Service to Track Coffee Beans
Starbucks has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based supply chain system and a mobile app that will enable[...]
Blockchain for International Shipping Promoted by Fedex
Rob Carter, CIO at FedEx called on the government to commence the process of implementing blockchain for international shipping standards[...]
Volkswagen to Bring Blockchain to the Road
German automobile makers Volkswagen has unveiled a blockchain pilot to trace its battery supply chain for lead mineral from mining[...]
U.S. University Develops Blockchain To Tackle Counterfeit Drugs
Researchers from Portland State University (PSU) have begun developing blockchain solutions specifically designed to combat the counterfeit crisis in the[...]
Bühler Deploys Blockchain Technology Against Salmonella And E. Coli
Swiss-based food technology firm Bühler has unveiled new safety tools that uses blockchain technology to combat Salmonella and E. Coli. The Laatu[...]
LVMH Develops Blockchain for Luxury Goods Authentication
Global luxury conglomerate LVMH is developing a blockchain solution to authenticate luxury merchandise. The platform, called AURA, is designed to[...]
UPS Implementing E-Commerce Blockchain Platform To Help Merchants
UPS, the US-based international postal carrier has partnered with Inxeption, an e-commerce blockchain tech firm to rollout a blockchain-based project[...]
Bumble Bee Foods Implementing Blockchain Technology in Tracking Seafood
Have you ever stood in a supermarket walkway with cans of  tuna in your shopping cart  wondering how it found[...]
Apple Exploring Blockchain Deployment for its Mineral Supply Chain
A recent filing submitted by Apple to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to show that the tech[...]