Blockchain Supply Chain

Read the latest blockchain supply chain news from around the globe to learn how leading companies are using blockchain to streamline their supply chain.

How Blockchain Can Benefit the Cannabis Supply Chain
Blockchain technology is useful for highly-regulated supply chains, especially for a largely cash-based industry like cannabis. Blockchain’s immutability makes it[...]
Nestlé Blockchain: Transparency in Supply Chain
A press release from Nestlé depicts  the company breaking new grounds with  transparency in their supply chain. This appears to be[...]
Oracle Protecting Bee Supply Chain
Last week, Oracle announced it will be harnessing its enterprise blockchain platform to improve bee supply chain. More specifically, Oracle[...]
MediLedger Announces Pharmaceutical Blockchain
On June, 18th, MediLedger announced that Walmart and Walgreens are joining their pilot project. Other members of the pharmaceutical industry[...]
MOBIS Institute and BBHQ Debuting Educational Blockchain Game Project
Business Blockchain HQ (BBHQ) is excited to partner with MOBIS Institute for an upcoming educational game project involving blockchain technology[...]
Walmart Blockchain-Based Angus Beef Supply Debuting
Walmart is now reporting its new venture into the U.S. beef sector by creating an end-to-end supply chain of Angus beef[...]
Starbucks Using Microsoft Blockchain Service to Track Coffee Beans
Starbucks has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based supply chain system and a mobile app that will enable[...]
Blockchain for International Shipping Promoted by Fedex
Rob Carter, CIO at FedEx called on the government to commence the process of implementing blockchain for international shipping standards[...]
Volkswagen to Bring Blockchain to the Road
German automobile makers Volkswagen has unveiled a blockchain pilot to trace its battery supply chain for lead mineral from mining[...]
U.S. University Develops Blockchain To Tackle Counterfeit Drugs
Researchers from Portland State University (PSU) have begun developing blockchain solutions specifically designed to combat the counterfeit crisis in the[...]