Blockchain Supply Chain

Read the latest blockchain supply chain news from around the globe to learn how leading companies are using blockchain to streamline their supply chain.

Blockchain is the Future of Supply Chain IoT
New technologies such as blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) are changing the way companies move goods and helping to[...]
CHO Joins With IBM’s Food Trust Powered By Blockchain
IBM is definitely leading the blockchain wagon. At the beginning of this year, it launched an app that allows coffee[...]
Farmer Connect Launches ‘Thank My Farmer’ Blockchain Application
Farmer Connect, a blockchain ecosystem focused on improving agricultural supply chain transparency, is launching a new app called Thank My[...]
KPMG Launches Its Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Tool in Asia
The reign of blockchain is expanding. From Microsoft to Walmart, all the big organizations are trying their hands on blockchain[...]
Coca-Cola Blockchain Solution to Address Complex Supply Chain
Coca-Cola’s main IT firm responsible for managing its bottle manufacturing supply chain is using blockchain to make operations more efficient.[...]
Agro-Industrial Blockchain Applications
Often overlooked, yet vital for our sustenance, the agro-industry walks a tight rope in embracing globalization and technological evolution. Herein[...]
Sicily Mandating Agricultural Blockchain Initiatives
The Sicilian Regional Assembly (ARS) has passed and approved a blockchain bill, which now mandates the tracking of agro-food via[...]
Samsung SDS Collaborates with Pega to Improve its Nexledger Platform
Bringing the best of both worlds, Samsung SDS announces bridging their Nexledger blockchain with Pega’s D.P.A. Platform alongside Tech Mahindra. The[...]
Supply Chain: Blockchain Can Strengthen the Weakest Link
Northern Block recently published the first report of its Blockchain Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series. The report has a fresh[...]
IBM’s Food Trust & Raw Seafoods – Where Trust Comes First
IBM’s Food Trust and Raw Seafoods Inc. recent partnership spearheads supply chains, promoting seafood by vetting products on the market.[...]