Africa’s Leading Blockchain Conference To Be Hosted in South Africa in 2020


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is sweeping the world over, and Africa has begun embracing key emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence that will power this revolution and could usher humanity into an era of true globalization.

A tech convention tagged the Blockchain Africa Conference is taking place in 2020 in Johannesburg, South Africa and will involve several tech stakeholders coming together to brainstorm and figure out how blockchain and artificial intelligence can transform the continent for the better.

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For a continent with over 1.2 billion people, Africa will have to depend on advancement in technology to build its economy and grow its societies. Blockchain technology, which evens the playing field by limiting the power of a centralized authority within a system, is uniquely suited to provide solutions to many of Africa’s economic, social, and political problems.

The Goal of The Blockchain Africa Conference 2020

There have been major developments in the blockchain field on the African continent. It makes even more evident that Africa is primed for a blockchain makeover. The Blockchain Africa Conference will debate the fashion in which this makeover will take place. This includes compelling use cases and applications for blockchain within the continent. It features discussions on the limitations and potential regulations that could affect its development. 

The Speakers

Seasoned blockchain professionals and industry experts will also speak at the event. Some of these speakers include Jonathan Galea, Managing Director at Blockchain Advisory Pty, Akhona Damane, Manager: Office of Digital Advantage (ODA), Carmelle Cadet, Founder and CEO of EMTECH, and Mervyn George, Innovation Strategy Lead for Africa at SAP. Also experts with connections to IBM, Microsoft, and ConsenSys are attending. They will reveal beneficial ideas about blockchain and artificial intelligence, including:

  • Developing strategies for the successful implementation of blockchain and AI in Africa
  • How to enhance product/service delivery through 4IR technologies
  • Using blockchain and AI to automate business processes and reduce human error
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and retention via proper data management, etc.

Blockchain Utility is Thriving in Africa

Interest in blockchain and its derivative tech like Bitcoin has been soaring in Africa. Blockchain technology is growing rapidly and making its mark all over the continent. Nations like Egypt and South Africa are looking to blockchain to build smart grids and help solve Africa’s energy crisis. The Central Bank of Ghana recently announced it has plans to launch a blockchain-based national digital currency (e-Cedi) in a sandbox environment for experimental purposes. 

Nigeria’s road transport union launched a blockchain-based passenger manifest system (PAM) to help enforce compliance with traffic regulations. The Open Index Protocol, and the Internet Foundation have teamed up with Nigerian online multimedia company, Comic Republic to launch a decentralized graphic novel, Metaiye Knights, which not only educates readers on blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also allows them to become part of a comic book story. Blockchain academic centers are also springing up in South Africa, while Kenya is implementing coffee-based agricultural blockchain initiatives. 

Blockchain development across Africa is becoming ubiquitous. The Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 will help shed more light on this fantastic technology. It will be exposing its unique use cases allowing blockchain to gain more prominence within Africa’s tech ecosystem.

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