8 Most Exciting Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2020


Ethereum-based projects such as Status, Cosmos, Aragon and Storj have ruled 2019, with thousands of Github events for each project. In 2020, we can expect even more activity in the blockchain realm, as crypto takes the spotlight again and blockchain projects get increasing attention from the media.

Blockchain technologies continue to disrupt industries across the board. Here are some of the most promising blockchain projects that will mark 2020:

  1. Gaming: MobileGo

MobileGo dubbed itself “the Bitcoin of the gaming industry”. So far, it looks like it’s definitely heading that way, even though the platform emerged only in 2017. It uses MGO tokens to give gamers a way to spend this currency in various games. Currently, the platform cooperates with the most important games in the industry, such as Call of Duty, WoW, Need for Speed, and many more.

Players can use the MGO tokens to make in-game or MobileGo store purchases, but also receive cashback (a feature that’s currently in preparation). The platform is ranked 1st because it shows the huge potential of merging the gaming and crypto industries. This is something many companies tried to do in the last couple of years.

  1. Secure Internet browsing: Brave Browser

Brave is a blockchain-based Internet browser that prioritizes privacy, security and speed. With over 20 million downloads, it has definitely proven to be a welcome addition to the browser market. Brave Browser emerged in the perfect storm of increased user concerns over browsing privacy. With Brave Shields that protect users from identification and ultra-targeted ads to the private browsing mode, we can safely assume that the relevancy of Brave will be even stronger as years go by.

Another fun fact is that it was co-created by one of Mozilla’s founders, Brendan Eich. Generally, the project received great reviews, with many experts claiming that Brave is a very plausible alternative to Chrome and could replace it relatively quickly.  Next to its core features, users also praise it for its design and user-friendliness.

  1. Finance: Ant Duo-Chain

Featured in this year’s Forbes Blockchain 50, Duo-Chain is a Chinese platform developed by Ant Financial for simple and fast payments. According to Forbes, Duo-Chain has already facilitated over 1.5 billion USD in quick loans and other transactions.

“What’s amazingly powerful and disruptive about Ant’s Blockchain technology is that it allows SMEs to access and use the platform with practically zero resources, which severely lowers their barrier-to-entry”, says Elena Marshall, a contributor at Studicus and TrustMyPaper.

  1. Insurance: Aon

Aon’s goal is to build a blockchain platform that will speed up and optimize insurance operations, but the platform has many secondary applications as well. Their platform allows insurers to create their own reinsurance contract by using a single system to send and receive quotes.

  1. Venture Capital: Crypto Village Accelerator

The goal of Crypto Village Accelerator is to allow start-ups to present their projects, instantly raise capital and enter the market as quickly as possible. Carlo Buonpane, the founder of the platform, previously worked on many successful exchange projects.

The company also aims to extend the platform to real estate and enterprise projects. This will allow users to reduce their risk by diversifying their portfolio and should be launched by the end of the year. In this regard, CVA is a project to watch in 2020 because it’s likely that the platform will have a huge impact on blockchain capital raising.

  1. Crypto exchange: BitIt

With BitIt, long gone are the days of complicated crypto purchases and transactions. With this platform, users can buy some of the most popular cryptos using their card (Visa, MasterCard, etc).

The goal of this platform is to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible for the average consumer. It is also a simplified version of many other exchange platforms like Coinbase. BitIt features local currencies, which makes it possible to fund the account without exorbitant exchange rates. Also, the exchange fees on the platform are very low compared to competitors, while the transaction process is instant and simple.

  1. Ecommerce: Zelwin

Zelwin is a peculiar online marketplace claiming to be the first peer-to-peer platform in the world where all participants make money. The business model of this eCommerce platform really is unique. When participants make a purchase, they get ZLW tokens they can use for transfers, further spending or saving.

The potential of this platform is in its global-friendliness and quick growth. Users can sign up and start trading with partners from all over the world. Of course, another differentiating factor is the use of crypto in eCommerce, which is something you won’t see on Amazon or eBay.

  1. Crypto information: Cryptwerk

Cryptwerk is a nifty platform where you can find out where you can use cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is still not a widely accepted mode of payment in the online world. To change this, Cryptwerk works on compiling and expanding the database of those locations that do accept cryptos.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

Cryptwerk is also featured in Forbes Blockchain 50 for 2020. The reason is that it has a much higher potential than just serving as a crypto online directory. It actually has the capacity to reduce the amount of time crypto users spend searching for a crypto-accepting seller. As a result of this simplification, there could be more users deciding to pay with cryptocurrency, and finally – mass adoption of this mode of payment.


Just like in the years up to now, blockchain technology in 2020 will be all about security and optimizing costs. As this technology sparks the interest of a wider pool of talent and potential investors, we can expect an increase in the number of blockchain projects this year.

These projects continue to disrupt all industries, from banking and finance to healthcare. The most exciting thing to look out for in 2020 is innovation in regards to expanding the influence of blockchain technologies in industries where they weren’t used yet. What’s surely going to happen is that blockchain will become even more entwined into the modern world.

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