Blackberry Unveils Healthcare Blockchain Platform


Blackberry, which was once a leader in the smartphone market, has reinvented itself in the blockchain space with the unveiling of a flagship healthcare blockchain platform for storing and sharing medical data.

In a press release, the Canadian firm announced that it is leveraging blockchain technology to develop an “ultra-secure” global ecosystem that allows patients, laboratories, and the Internet of Things (IoT) biometric devices to securely store and share medical data. Blackberry healthcare blockchain platform will be powered by the company’s carrier-grade network operation center (NOC), which was developed by biotech incubator ONEBIO.  The platform will also be used to anonymously share data with researchers.

Blackberry Spark Enterprise of Things (EoT) Platform

Blackberry Spark is the first Enterprise of Things (EoT) platform built by Blackberry with the aim of transforming the global delivery of healthcare data. EoT refers to the adaptation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by enterprises to reinvent how they do business and to run more efficient and user-responsive operations. Blackberry Spark is designed to empower enterprises to scale their existing infrastructure to securely manage, connect, and use IoT devices, including their applications and data they transmit. It will also enable manufacturers to bring to market secure IoT devices, while helping users realize significant productivity gains and maintaining high-security and regulatory compliance.

Creation of personalized monitoring and treatment plans is the future of healthcare which means medical data security is of paramount importance. With the Blackberry blockchain digital ledger, it will be possible to secure patient data in a much more secure manner, giving users control over their data.

Blockchain to Reduce the Time to Diagnose Rare Diseases

The company’s first client for its blockchain solution is Global Commission, an organization focused on improving early diagnostic of rare diseases for children. Global Commission will use Spark to provide real-time insights that will help speed diagnoses. By making vast amounts of data instantly available, distributed ledgers may be able to increase the number of data points that doctors, NGOs, and charities can monitor and compare.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

In addition to ONEBIO, BlackBerry has also partnered with Mackenzie Innovation Institute to explore connectivity and security options between the BlackBerry Spark EoT platform and Mackenzie’s ‘smart’ healthcare technology vision. By venturing into the blockchain space, Blackberry is making a comeback as a global force in the tech industry.

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