Blockchain-based collectibles released by Ubisoft to support UNICEF


Video gaming giant Ubisoft headquartered in France recently released an update stating that it has launched a series of digital collectibles based on blockchain technology for a popular television show as well as a gaming franchise called Rabbids. A total of 55 Rabbids collectibles were released in the form of tokens on Ethereum’s Blockchain that led to the first initiation. These digital assets are characterized by ERC-721 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This successful move from Ubisoft reflects the scope of blockchain that extends to as far as even gaming. Although, the prime goal here is to raise the funds from the sale of such collectibles to assist the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with its social cause global objectives. 

Each collectible has its own unique characteristics in terms of designs and values that separate it from the rest. This has been done so that collectibles can be treated like trading cards for improved social interaction. The following sub-heads will help you to understand more. Let’s have a look at them. 

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Transactions in Ether?

As already explained above, each token serves its own unique property so that it can be used as trading cards. What this means is that individuals can exchange them with others. The company has also clarified that the Rabbids tokens are following the “always-for-sale” model to enable other collectors for purchasing them any time from the current holder. However, this purchase can be concluded only if the current price of such collectible has been paid in the form of Ether (ETH).

Ownership and entitlement of tokens

If the collectible has been transferred to another person, then it does not mean that the person who sold it will never be recognized for once owning such Rabbid tokens. After all, it is a game and it can be made interesting only if the collectors’ profile can be enhanced or made more competitive. For this purpose, Ubisoft has incorporated certain provisions that allow the collectors to receive a special certificate also called POPO (Proof of Plausible Ownership) as a formal acknowledgment for once owning the sold tokens. 

Another interesting fact to consider here is that when these tokens are transferred to the next person, the aesthetic representation is completely changed. 

Interoperable tokens?

Yes, you heard it right. The Rabbid tokens are fully interoperable as they have been built on ERC-721 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) standards. This property and adoption of the popular NFT standard allow such digital collectibles to be used in other games as well. They are interactive and not just limited to one arena. This interoperability will enhance the engagement volume and will further help the prime objective of Ubisoft in the long run. 


This initiative of Ubisoft made possible with Blockchain technology is a great example for other competitors to collectively help the global society and cause. Every time someone will purchase a Rabbid, the corresponding amount from the profits shall be credited to the UNICEF’s cryptocurrency fund pool. UNICEF has its own crypto fund pool making it a pioneering agency of the United Nations to recognize Blockchain and cryptos. The gaming giant is constantly making sharp efforts to adopt blockchain technology across its business operations to benefit from its wonders.

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