Blockchain to Prevent & Control the Massive Boost in Piracy Activity


The CoronaVirus Pandemic has resulted in a lockdown situation all across the globe, forcing people to stay at home.

As a result, people are spending more and more time on the internet giving online piracy an automatic boost. Online piracy is helping people to kill time while at home because it provides easy & free access to paid content. 

Also, the lockdown orders in the world’s most populous countries like China, India, and the United States fueled the massive use of piracy websites. With more and more countries implementing the lockdown, it is obvious that the active users of piracy websites will surpass the figure of a billion. Many statistics and reports have released that the download of torrents has increased like never before. Although, it is a huge concern and this massive growth in piracy needs to be controlled.

Controlling the use of Piracy websites has always been a challenge for government authorities. Also, it might be more challenging now to impose strict control over the excessive use of piracy amid Coronavirus pandemic. But it needs to be stopped and here are the reasons why:

  • It results in revenue loss to the copyright owners.
  • It negatively affects the economy of a country.
  • It demoralizes the original creators of the content. 
  • It could lead to a loss of jobs.
  • It is not equivalent to sharing. It is equivalent to stealing.


Research and Studies have shown that Blockchain Technology can help to control and restrict the excessive use of online piracy websites. Let’s have a look: 


A company in South Africa ‘CustosTech’ has made the use of bitcoin blockchain technology to develop a fully-function Digital Watermarking Technology. This tech will help to embed the watermark on the content in a way that will make it impossible for a person to remove it.

If the piracy of a file takes place, then the engineers at ‘CustosTech’ would be able to analyze the watermark. In turn they can work to identify the legal owner of the file. 


Vevue’ is a blockchain streaming service that is making use of a technology inspired by Blockchain that can track & record the life-cycle of  media content for the purpose of content surveillance. 

If someone copies the content by any possible means, then the technology running on ‘Vevue’ platform would be able to determine the owner of the system, where such copied content was last used or played. 


It is not just a movie or TV industry, but the gaming industry as well that has been largely affected because of piracy. To promote the users to engage with original gaming content and products, a company named ‘Rawg’ is planning to make use of a blockchain system.

This system will reward the gamers in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. This is awarded in exchange for levels cleared or achievements unlocked within the game. However, the users will be able to synchronize such wins for token benefits only with games that are not pirated and that too, on official platforms only. 

There are many other organizations as well that are currently experimenting with Blockchain Technology to minimize the use of piracy like Hashcash, Basic Attention Token platform (BAT), SingularDTV, Dot Blockchain Media, and more. The implementation will take time, but it will benefit the interest of everyone. 

Rajeev has years of experience working in the IT industry and investing in both traditional stock and cryptocurrency markets. Over the years, Rajeev developed a passion for writing and he now works as a freelance writer on articles like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, IT and a platter of different fields.

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