Boeing to Launch Blockchain-Driven Platform for Air Transport Management


US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is launching a new venture in collaboration with SparkCognition to improve air transport across the world.

The new company, SkyGrid, will develop a blockchain-based platform for airspace management that uses a combination of technologies, including distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cyber security.

Blockchain for airspace management

According to the press release, Boeing is hoping to revolutionize the airspace ecosystem by developing a blockchain-powered airspace management system for safe and secure integration of autonomous passenger and cargo air vehicles in the global airspace. This will create a secure infrastructure to facilitate safe air transport for commercial and personal purposes. The platform will not only focus on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management but will also provide a broad range of tasks and services including package delivery, emergency assistance, and industrial inspections. Key features of the SkyGrid platform includes inflight monitoring, automated route approval, dynamic rerouting, and autonomous AI-driven cybersecurity.

Boeing strongly believes in the potential of blockchain technology to transform the aviation industry. For this purpose, Boeing partnered with SparkCognition in July in order to develop Boeing NeXt, a blockchain-driven solution for tracking unmanned aircrafts as well as air traffic control. Speaking on the development of SkyGrid, the head of Boeing NeXt Steve Nordlund said:

“The Boeing and SparkCognition partnership is unmatched in industry today. SkyGrid is building the digital infrastructure that will make safe, seamless commercial and personal transport possible for billions of people around the world.”

Built for large scale airspace applications

SparkCognition is a multinational company known for building cutting-edge AI solutions for clients in defense, industrial Internet of Things and financial industries. The company deploys machine learning in addition to blockchain and IoT to build systems that will help clients analyze complex data, optimize operations, and improve productivity. SparkCognition founder and CEO Amit Husain, who will also become the CEO of SkyGrid, said that the platform will be built to scale efficiently so that it can handle large-scale airspace applications in the future.

It’s worth noting that SkyGrid is more focused on streamlining air travel processes and making it easier to share information securely and safely. The system places more emphasis on safety and reducing margin of error.

Last month, another aviation company Air France-KLM was reported exploring the benefits of blockchain technology to cut cost for travelers by eliminating the necessity of booking agents.

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