Careers in Demand: Blockchain Software Developers and Engineers


Recent research analysis has found out that the demand for Blockchain Developers has skyrocketed by 2020. Blockchain was initially developed in 2009 to facilitate the storage and movement of cryptocurrency, digital assets securely over the internet. Social Professional giants like LinkedIn, Glassdoors and others have shown that the demands of such skills set have increased by 300% and been in high demand and are continuously increasing.

Blockchain’s real benefit is still yet to be proven but it has been under the radar of everyone for a long time now. It is a new move that is going to touch every industry and is a change in the new technological trends of transferring funds and digital assets across.

Blockchain is gradually coming out to be a wonder across all industries. It is not only changing the business trends of financial movement, it is also creating new career opportunities for skill acquirers. 

A new industry has opened altogether for people who have skills for web development and design. Its way of working includes steps that involve storage, validation, authorization, and commute of data across the internet 

For Professionals

There digital professional skills that have been under demand in the digital industry are Cloud Computing, Analytical Reasoning, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX User experience design developers, Business Analyst and digital marketing like Affiliate Marketing but Blockchain digital asset movement skills has surpassed all these and have proved to be better than all of them as it is much more in demand in this industrial trend change. 

There is very little supply of such skilled people in the market. When we compare the demand and supply analysis according to economics. Considering that we come to the same conclusion. When the demand is more and supply is less, the price always goes high. The salaries that are being offered to individuals of such skills is much higher as compared to other digital industries and according to Zip Recruiter, the national salary average in United States for a blockchain developer is $154,550.


What we have seen and observed is that the demand for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies had fallen down by 53%. Employers still are in demand for these skilled people. Demand numbers are touching new heights in 2020 and still increasing. The increase is now more than 26% just for the previous year.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

This demand is continuously increasing. Employers are still in need of such people to generate more error-proof blockchain technology paths. Macro view over this shows that the need for skills that are most in favor are for applicants that have the skills of  Software engineers, Software architects, Full Stack and Front End Web Developers skills. It would be quite favorable for them at this point of time to apply for such openings. 

The Future

Blockchain is a career-changing trend for the software development and engineering industry. It is making new benchmarks as now cryptocurrency is in fashion. Applying for such jobs would be very favorable for individuals. Currently at this point of time it is a booming industry. Such opportunities often can only come to those who embrace the changes.

Rajeev has years of experience working in the IT industry and investing in both traditional stock and cryptocurrency markets. Over the years, Rajeev developed a passion for writing and he now works as a freelance writer on articles like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, IT and a platter of different fields.

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