CoinDesk Hosts ‘Mastering Blockchain’ Book Launch Dec. 15


There is a shared sense that the world has shifted. 

“Mastering Blockchain: Unlocking the Power of Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Applications” by Daniel Cawrey and Lorne Lantz from O’Reilly Media is a masterful guide on the essentials of blockchain technology. 

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Often a daunting and elusive subject matter, Cawrey and Lantz demystify blockchain technology by presenting history, breaking down fundamentals, and providing real-life implementations covering the space with clarity and precision. Years of research led to their intimate understanding of the technology, but it was the conversations along the way that sharpened their ideas. 

Networking can be tough even in normal times, but today’s remote world adds a whole new set of challenges. The pandemic and its side effects changed the world. We no longer interact as much in person, and our information sources seem distorted. We’re all playing the classic game of “telephone” where one-to-one means that information gets lost in translation.

In the aim of educating and bridging communities, CoinDesk is hosting its first-ever VR event with Cawrey and Lantz to celebrate their book launch on Dec. 15, 2020, at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT and 8 a.m. Singapore time). Join us for the live event streaming on, YouTube and Twitter as we chat about the book, socialize in VR and discuss the future of IRL and virtual events. 

The VR afterparty is limited. RSVP today for the open-to-the-public book launch and networking with the authors in AltspaceVR. 

Mastering Blockchain: A Virtual Book Launch in a Physically Distant Yet Still-Connected World

7-7:10 p.m. ET – Opening Remarks with Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO O’Reilly Media

7:10-7:25 p.m. – Why Crypto Meetup Matter hosted by Adam B. Levine

7:25-7:55 p.m. – Fireside Chat w/ Lorne and Daniel hosted by Michael Casey (with Q&A)

8:55-8 p.m. – Special Announcement 

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada


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