Duality Unveils Decentralized Healthcare Apps


Duality is a San Antonio based startup with plans to revolutionize healthcare. Their unique blockchain solutions provide technology for data management, patient identification, and telehealth. 


Duality’s unique solution to healthcare interoperability is called BDAP. BDAP stands for Blockchain Directory Access Protocol. This system includes several essential features. The functionality will include the ability to manage blockchain accounts in the system. These accounts include users, groups, and links. Additionally, Duality has added a distributed hash table (DHT) to persist application/account cash. The protocol also integrates secure instant messaging between blockchain accounts. 

BDAP’s implications in the blockchain healthcare world could be extensive. Duality has tailored these solutions to some of blockchain’s most promising applications in healthcare. High security and HIPPA compliance can extensively decrease interoperability. Fortunately, Duality is using its innovative technology to develop apps to eliminate these pain points.


Duality is currently developing three separate decentralized applications (dApps). pShare will be used to share medical records, pConsult will assist the telehealth field, and NoID will serve as a hashed ID for providers to access Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This suite of apps addresses some of the most common healthcare issues. Fortunately, these are also the most promising blockchain healthcare use cases.

Telehealth and pConsult

Telehealth is the use of technology to provide remote medical care. This industry is growing at a rapid rate, 53% from 2016-2017. Currently, Duality’s pConsult telehealth app is in development. Upon release it will most likely revolutionize telehealth. Duality’s unique BDAP technology will allow for secure account registration, linking accounts, professional certificates, consultant discovery, and ratings. These features will facilitate secure private live video and audio, secure messaging, and document exchange.

A major pain point in the telehealth industry is the verifiability of professionals and diagnosis. In addition, many messaging apps can leave private information open to security weaknesses. Fortunately, pConsult and its blockchain technology will secure all important information in the immutable ledger. To protect its user’s privacy, pConsult uses hashed demographics and facial recognition technology to enroll participants and authenticate user sessions. pConsult is set to begin development this month with a beta release in August 2020. 

Medical Records and pShare

Most medical networks are not compatible. Unfortunately, this results in a breakdown of information accessibility, which is crucial in the healthcare industry. Again, Duality has a solution: pShare. Currently, pShare is in beta testing. This application will use public keys on the blockchain to establish a peer to peer connection between computers. This unique serverless technology will allow healthcare professionals to share medical records between disparate networks. Duality has set pShare’s MVP release for this month. 

Unique Identifiers and NoID

Part of the problem with electronic health records (EHRs) is how to secure private data while still allowing accessibility to patients and providers. Fortunately, blockchain again provides a solution. Duality’s NoID application utilizes biometrics and proximity to enable providers to sign in to their current EHRs. Conveniently, this increases security and eliminates the need for numerous passwords. NoID will serve as a unique identifier for healthcare providers. This application will also use hashed biometrics and hashed demographics to anonymously match patients across different healthcare organizations. NoID is beginning their development plans next year. 

The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is often cited as one of the most promising blockchain use cases. Duality has listened to the pain points of the industry and is developing numerous innovative solutions.


Katie Rapley is a student at Tulane University studying Entrepreneurial Management and English. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to real problems through entrepreneurship and is especially excited about the applications of blockchain.

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