Farmer Connect Launches ‘Thank My Farmer’ Blockchain Application


Farmer Connect, a blockchain ecosystem focused on improving agricultural supply chain transparency, is launching a new app called Thank My Farmer.

Thank My Farmer blockchain application will allow coffee drinkers to track the origin of their coffee. Furthermore, it rewards the farmer who helps to grow the coffee beans. As the awareness of climate change grows, sustainability has now become a major concern for many consumers all over the world.

Research has shown that Generation Z coffee consumers overwhelmingly prefer their coffee from sustainable farming methods. With the Farmer Connect app, consumers can now ensure that the products (Coffee) that they are consuming in fact grow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Farmer Connect: Thank My Farmer Blockchain Application

Thank My Farmer blockchain application will provide a traceability and reward system which encourages coffee farmers to pursue sustainable farming practices by allowing consumers to support these farmers via financial rewards. IBM blockchain powers the Thank My Farmer app, and it works by extracting data directly from the blockchain and using it to connect the app’s users to traders, farmers, roasters, and even coffee brands. Thank My Farmer blockchain application utilizes an interactive map interface. App users can access the ‘story’ of every product on the app.

The app functions include features such as:

  • The incorporation of self-sovereign identity technology provided by Sovrin Foundation
  • Food oriented blockchain platform provided by IBM

Allowing consumers to support eco-friendly farming practices will tremendously facilitate an increase in the use of sustainable farming systems. David Behrends, the Founder and President of Farmer Connect, has said that: the aim of this consumer/farmer blockchain ecosystem is “humanizing each coffee drinker’s relationship with their daily cup.”

According to him:

“Consumers now can play an active role in sustainability governance by supporting coffee farmers in developing nations. Through the blockchain and this consumer app, we’re creating a virtuous cycle.”

The Team Behind Thank My Farmer Blockchain Application

Thank My Farmer blockchain application  is the brainchild of global supply chain and blockchain industry leaders and coffee-based companies including, Beyers Koffie, Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), ITOCHU Corporation, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), J.M. Smucker Company, Rabobank, RGC Coffee, Volcafe, Sucafina, Yara International, and IBM.

As the app grows, Farm Connect plans to invite other companies to join this project. This means more coffee drinkers will now have a platform that allows them to support local projects. It brings a greater focus on the communities that grow their coffee. Thank My Farmer will launch early this year. It will allow U.S and Canadian users to scan QR codes on brand premium single-origin coffee. The app users in Europe will be able to access the app through Beyers Koffie. Beyers Koffie is now one of the dominant privately owned coffee companies in all of Europe. 

Blockchain Traceability will Transform Supply Chains

Blockchains are freeing up clogginess and reducing opaqueness that commonly affects traditional supply chains. With blockchain integration, supply chains could become more transparent and open to all of its participants. This provides a unique opportunity to build trust between the manufacturers, distributors, and the final consumer. When applied to the agriculture industry, farm-to-table traceability options ensure that the final consumer can see the road map the food takes before it reaches the dining table.

Traceability is also advantageous in the case of food poisoning or other food-related epidemics. It allows food safety authorities to identify the exact point where the problem originates as a source. In a stroke of genius,  Thank My Farmer also leverages a traceability feature of the blockchain to promote sustainable farm practices and combat climate change.

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