HP and Streamr Race to the Future with Data Management Solutions for Smart Cars


In the race to the future, several smart car concepts have been put forward, focusing on things like air propulsion systems, engine improvements, clean power source/fuels, biodegradable components, gesture control, and the most common innovation being self-driving AI. However, the glue that holds all these futuristic ideas together, allowing a car to work in unison with its environment, users, manufacturer, and suppliers is efficient data management.

An automobile can only really be smart if it is able to effectively collect, store, and share data. With amazing traits like transparency and security, perhaps the blockchain could help steer the automotive industry into the future.

Apparently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is in agreement. Recently, the IT giant announced a key partnership with a Switzerland-based crypto startup, Streamr. This partnership aims to build a digital platform for smart cars which allows data to be shared with other vehicles via the blockchain by utilizing Streamr’s engine and HP’s interface.

Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr had this to say concerning his company’s partnership with HP:

“As one of the first demonstrations in the world where a car’s data will be monetized onto a publicly available platform not only makes this a truly important milestone on our journey, but a pivotal moment in the race to innovate. As we welcome the future of cities and towns, real-time data is required to drive smart cities forward.”

Thanks to the car’s sensors, data can be collected in real time from the communications “bus” of the vehicle through HP’s interface. The data collected which includes gearing, acceleration, fuel consumption, and location can then be transferred to the Streamr’s platform.

Pihkala was also optimistic that this method of data collection from cars would not only help solve long-time problems associated with smart cities but will also monetize data and democratize the process by giving more power to their users, allowing them to profit from their valuable data.

With this platform, cars will be able to share important data like weather forecasts, traffic congestion, or fuel prices. Vehicles on this platform will also have the ability to select the data they currently need and pay for it using Streamr’s DATA tokens which powers the blockchain platform.

The fruit of the partnership with HP will be displayed at the New York Consensus 2018 – an annual blockchain event. Based on reports from the press release, visitors in attendance will be able to see data “flowing” through a 3D Audi Q2 chassis.

Hewlett-Packard is not new to the blockchain; it is one of the well-known companies providing BaaS (Blockchain as a service) solutions for its clients. HP’s BaaS is called “Mission Critical,” and it serves as a platform for collecting and tracking data on virtually any medium; aircraft, banks, cars, etc.

The company has recognized the blockchain’s transformative influence and the disruptive power it has over a wide range of areas, they will not be left behind in the evolution of this wonderful technology and are eager to help usher in the age of the distributed ledger.

According to Raphael Davison, Worldwide Director for Blockchain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

“We see Blockchain use cases evolving into what we call Blockchain 3.0: the intersection of Blockchain, IoT, big data, AI and the Intelligent Edge. Our partnership with companies like Streamr helps us bring this future closer to a reality.”

In recent times, innovation in the storage of vehicle data has arrived in the form of many solutions using traditional cloud storage. However, a growing number of industry experts are advocating for blockchain based solutions like the one HP and Streamr are offering. The reason for this is simple: Blockchain not only provides security and transparency but as we have seen with HP and Streamr, data monetization for users is now possible, giving individuals power over how and when they share their data.

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