Increasing Demand for Blockchain Experts: Higher Institutions Introduce Educational Courses


Blockchain has become a mainstay for some years now and it is growing stronger. As a result, the demand for experts on the subject matter keeps rising. A look at the educational sector will expose the inadequacies of the sector to meet the blockchain industry’s increasing need for more experts. We delve into this issue and look at how the educational sector is trying to cater to this need. Recently, some tertiary institutions and universities have deliberated on the introduction of educational courses that can introduce students to this key subject and chart career path towards meeting the need of the blockchain sector.

Blockchain keeps gaining momentum despite COVID-19

There is a global pandemic, however, it looks as if the blockchain technology industry is least affected. Instead, it keeps developing as more countries explore the option of blockchain in navigating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The blockchain has also been touted as the rescuer of a serious hit global economy, supply chain, employment network. For example, a country like China that was the first to be hit by the pandemic has seen the enormous development in the blockchain sector. This has led to the creation of a blockchain network, board, and development of government platform running on blockchain as well as the ambitious digital Yuan project.

Furthermore, to highlight the importance that has now been given to blockchain, blockchain-related job openings are springing up and it is starting to get the due acknowledgment. China has now included blockchain work on its list of official job positions. That means jobs like Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain analysts, developers, and engineer is now official.

How is Academia filling in the gap?

As pointed out above, the demand is rising amidst continuous adoption and acceptance of the blockchain technology. So, as a way of filling the gap created in the blockchain industry in terms of blockchain experts. Several institutions are now considering the creation of blockchain-related courses. In 2019, about 42% of top universities introduced blockchain programs across different levels.

Top institutions like British Columbia in Canada dedicated research unit on blockchain aimed at equipping both graduates and undergraduates with knowledge about the technology. That means we could see an increase in the number of personnel with expertise on blockchain coming out of educational institutions.

We have also seen Ivy League universities like Cornell introduced crypto and blockchain technology education via its Cornell Blockchain program. Along that line, schools like York University School of Continuing Studies has also developed blockchain courses for students. Many more institutions around the world have started educational courses on blockchain in different capacities. For example, the Suseong University in South Korea has the plan to create a blockchain college grounds. All these paints a good picture of what is to come from the educational sector regarding blockchain education.

The future is promising

For an area that was unclear and elusive to job seekers due to government regulations and academia lack of acknowledgment. Things are certainly changing for the better, as higher institutions develop blockchain technology education programs to train blockchain experts. The economic impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for additional research into the blockchain field as well as the need to have more experts in the field.

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