Iran: Blockchain Revolution


The theory that ‘Technological Revolutions always unlock a plethora of opportunities for economical and political progress of mankind’ is correct in every sense. Hence, it makes sense when developing economies make efforts to introduce such technological revolutions.

For example, the recent events in Iran indicates that the country is working towards the development of an ideal ecosystem that can help for the perfect implementation of a technology reform. 

Let’s have a look at some of the initiatives adopted in Iran:  

  • Introduction of Advanced Research & Development.
  • Financing of Start-Ups & Tech Enterprises. 
  • Insistence on Technology Education. 
  • Reforms in Widespread Access to the Internet.

Here, the objective of the Iranian Government is to introduce an effective Blockchain Technology. The government officials believe that Blockchain technology can help to drive the economy of the country in a new direction. However, one of the most debating concern here is how this technology can help to influence the existing military structure of Iran.   


Blockchain Technology is the new technological revolution in Iran that will serve the purpose of improving the existing structure of Education, Finance, Business Practices, Political Agendas, and most importantly, Military. If this smart technology is successfully implemented with the Vital Military Operations, then it will completely change the existing ecosystem of Iran’s Military. Let’s explore the possibilities.

MILITARY SHIPMENTS: The blockchain technology is based on the ‘interlinked structure of blocks’ that stores information. It is complex to change/modify the information, and if it is still changed, then a history for such change shall become visible for everyone. As such, this technology will prevent illegal, unethical, and wrong shipments that can cause destruction or chaos because military shipment activities shall become transparent. 

SECURE COMMUNICATION: Cryptographic & Encryption techniques of Blockchain is robust and effective. The application of Blockchain will allow the Military of Iran to keep its messages and threads safe from getting tampered. It will shield the confidential military information & planning layouts from possible cybersecurity threats.

MILITARY MANUFACTURING: The military manufacturing plans and blueprint layouts are also recognized as highly confidential and important documents. A lot of military personnel are involved in the manufacturing process and planning making it vulnerable to possible leaks. However, if Iran applies Blockchain technology, then it can store such documents and blueprints in a private Blockchain, instead of storing them centrally. 

MILITARY FUNDING: The source & application of funds issued for the benefit of Military Operations is a sensitive concern. If Iran implements Blockchain Technology for Finance, then the transactions and use of funds shall become visible as well as traceable. An accountability factor for the same shall be recognized. 

WEAPONS SYSTEMS: Various kinds of combat systems are operated based on the relevant data inputs. If this data command is compromised, then it can create possible terror. Iran shall be able to protect this data command if it implements the Blockchain. The technology will insulate and protect the data from getting exposed or vulnerable to non-authorized personnel.

The aforesaid analysis helps us to understand the influential power that Blockchain technology holds. The existing Military Scenario of Iran is not transparent, especially the Supply Chain Management. Hence, the factor of Accountability & Traceability will allow the overall military system to improve for the better. 

Rajeev has years of experience working in the IT industry and investing in both traditional stock and cryptocurrency markets. Over the years, Rajeev developed a passion for writing and he now works as a freelance writer on articles like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, IT and a platter of different fields.

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