Kaleido Launches Full-Stack Blockchain Marketplace for Enterprises


Kaleido, a blockchain software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup has unveiled a new blockchain marketplace in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help enterprises implement blockchain solutions. Kaleido is one of the blockchain initiatives overseen by ConsenSys, the renowned blockchain technology consulting company.

The newly launched Kaleido Marketplace is the first full-stack enterprise platform available today, and aims to help enterprises build proof-of-concepts and turn them into working projects more quickly.

Full-stack Blockchain Marketplace

Kaleido Marketplace is an extension of the firm’s Blockchain Business Cloud platform and is designed to provide trusted tools and protocols for building new blockchain projects, all offered as plug-and-play. These tools and services, which include wallet and identity services, supply chain, and smart contract tools as well as legal contract software, will be provided by Kaleido, AWS and partners of the marketplace.  They will be offered as full-stack, which means it provides everything from developer tools to end user application interfaces.

The marketplace offerings are intended to allow enterprises to accelerate the development of blockchain solutions so that they can bring them to market as quickly as possible. In addition to being able to manage blockchain networks, there are other tools to help businesses manage their network infrastructure and protocols.

Variety of industry products

Early adopters of the Kaleido Marketplace have reportedly said that it eliminates 80 percent of the custom code required to build their blockchain project. Kaleido says its marketplace clients will be able to access native AWS integrations, and implement a variety of solutions, including HD wallets, ID registries and industry products such as Chainlink for smart contracts, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and Clause.io for real-time legal contracts, among others.

Kaleido CEO, Steve Cerveny commented:

“I’m very excited that we have a whole cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one stop shop for all things enterprise blockchain.”

Komgo Blockchain Among First Clients

Since its launch in May this year, the blockchain startup has reportedly helped businesses create over 1,000 blockchain networks with its Blockchain Business Cloud.  Kaleido’s first clients for its marketplace include komgo, Radiant Earth and Greenfence Consumer. Komgo, a blockchain commodities trading network comprised of global oil merchants and major financial institutions including BNP Paribas, Koch Supply & Trading, Shell, Citi, ING, and Societe Generale is using the marketplace to accelerate the delivery of its blockchain-based products to clients.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

Meanwhile, open blockchain platform Greenfence Consumer has been using the Kaleido Marketplace to help Hollywood studios like Fox and Sony to develop their digital marketing for moviegoers. Similarly, Radiant Earth Foundation is using the marketplace to equip NGOs with aggregated geospatial data. On the consulting side, systems integrators such as ConsenSys Solutions are now using Kaleido to accelerate their clients’ blockchain engagements.

Kaleido is also planning to launch a new partnership program alongside the marketplace to enable third-party providers to “join the system” by using the platform to promote their offerings.

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