MOBIS Institute and BBHQ Debuting Educational Blockchain Game Project


Business Blockchain HQ (BBHQ) is excited to partner with MOBIS Institute for an upcoming educational game project involving blockchain technology and supply chain management. The project was announced at the international logistics conference Prolog 2019 that took place in Metz, France.

The concept of blockchain, like deep learning and most of the recent technologies, is difficult to assimilate for untrained people. Interacting and manipulating tools simulating these concepts greatly helps their assimilation.

It is therefore, with the aim of enabling the supply chain community and its students to understand what are the ins and outs of the blockchain and how it can impact the supply chain, that we are releasing a supply chain simulation educational game project with MOBIS that integrates the key concepts of blockchain.

Our Own Model: Blockchain Game Approach

This game allows players to understand how the blockchain is useful in a supply chain.  Furthermore, the game will counts several different versions in order to adapt to various audiences.

The main principle is to propose teams to simulate a traditional supply chain. Each member of each team has a key role in the supply chain. The roles include:  Sourcing Manager, Production Manager, Warehouse Manager, and Transport Manager.

Each team will aim to maximize the overall performance of its supply chain. The overall performance will be calculated according to two criteria: the financial health of the company and its customer satisfaction. All players will develop, according to the roles of each, their supply chain by creating new factories, warehouses, roads. Those improvements will facilitate their business’ development. At the end of the game, the team with the most efficient supply chain will win.

The blockchain will obviously have its place in this simulation game. Two of its major features include: its decentralized nature and its security character. The discovery of the benefits of the blockchain will occur during the game. Furthermore it will have a significant impact on the success criteria of the teams.


This is an ongoing research project. Our goal is to offer an innovative learning model for academics, students and for people involved in the digital transformation of the supply chain.

Our ambition is to contribute to the emergence of new supply chain practices and to improve engineering in process modeling through the implementation of technologies. This includes blockchain technology and its applications in the supply chain. Finally, this applied research project represents an educational innovation that we wish to present at scientific events in France and internationally.


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