Nestlé Blockchain: Transparency in Supply Chain


A press release from Nestlé depicts  the company breaking new grounds with  transparency in their supply chain. This appears to be a joint collaboration with OpenSC. OpenSC is a Blockchain platform that offers validation of product sourcing as well as sustainability data directly to its customers.

Previously, Nestlé had experimented with Blockchain by testing tracking and tracing initiatives  like the IBM food trust. But, according to the press release, this will be the first time that it will be piloting an entirely open Blockchain information platform.

About Nestlé Blockchain Pilot

This new pilot will be focusing majorly on tracing milk from the producers in New Zealand. This includes info down to the factories and even warehouses far away in the Middle East. It will further expand to the palm oil industry later on in the year.

Statements made by Benjamin Ware; the global head of responsible sourcing at the Nestlé company suggest that this open Blockchain innovation will enable everyone in any region of the world to easily access Nestlé’s responsible sourcing figures and facts.

Ware notes that this pilot is another vital step towards a complete disclosure of their supply chains. In addition, it raises the bar for clarity and responsible production universally.

Previous Collaboration

Nestlé had formerly collaborated with IBM in a previous Blockchain initiative that focused majorly on product traceability in the supply chain validating trade license and securing data access and entry.

However, their new partnership with OpenSC will also be capturing such information, and it goes further by merging ethics-linked information and sustainability.

It will be directly available to daily consumers through QR codes that can be scanned and also an open online platform.

About OpenSC

OpenSC was established as a joint initiative between the Boston Consulting Group’s digital venture division and World Wildlife Fund. It supports sustainable and transparent supply chains in the food industry.

For now, the OpenSC platform majorly focuses on tracking meat and fish through the aid of RFID tags as well as IoT sensors which will be used in tracking individual products from the source down to the shelf.

Future Aims

Nestlé aims to enable its consumers to make well-informed decisions on every product they select. The open Blockchain innovation will enable Nestlé to share vital information with its consumers in an easily accessible way. More importantly, it will increase transparency in their supply-chain.

It is not difficult to imagine that with such transparency, the company will improve its relationship with the consumers. In addition, consumers are expecting to learn more about a company that is making their favorite consumable items.

João is, before anything else, an enthusiastic advocate for the decentralised world as he foresees a better future for human beings through blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Copywriter and content creator are among his professional titles, but his passion for this technology is what defines him better.

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[…] Nestlé Blockchain: Transparency in Supply Chain | Business Blockchain HQ […]


[…] Nestlé Blockchain: Transparency in Supply Chain | Business Blockchain HQ […]