First Cryptocurrency Conference Coming To New Orleans


As global interest in cryptocurrencies and similar blockchain derivatives is on the rise, a growing number of conferences are popping up in cities around the world. One of the latest events is the Crypto Current Conference that will take place in New Orleans on March 15th, 2019 at the New Orleans Jazz Market. More than 100 crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are expected to attend including several prominent figures and experts within the blockchain niche have also been selected to speak at the event.

Cryptocurrencies have undergone many changes since Bitcoin inception and macroeconomic trends have facilitated tremendous growth in the crypto market. The introduction of innovative technological improvements is now attracting institutional investors and other mainstream players. With this increased interest, crypto communities keep on expanding as experts within the industry congregate to share ideas and build new applications, but what happens to the newbies with little experience or knowledge in blockchain fundamentals?

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The massive growth of the crypto market has inadvertently outpaced the average understanding of the basic technical aspects of this new financial system. If blockchain and cryptocurrency are to go mainstream, the knowledge gap between experts and newbies must be bridged.

New Orleans cryptocurrency conference agenda

The New Orleans cryptocurrency conference, organized by Crypto Current, will be the first-ever cryptocurrency and blockchain conference to be held in the Big Easy. According to Richard Carthon, founder of Crypto Current, this event will serve to educate the public about digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology, helping people to remain “crypto current” and familiar with the latest developments within the crypto space. This will be achieved by providing asset information and valuable resources to help attendees understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work.

What to expect

Blockchain and crypto-related topics and projects will be highlighted at this conference. Panel discussions, distinguished speakers, and thought leaders including Sterlin Lujan from, Carl Fravel from Decentraland, Jacob Pouncey from Saxo Bank and Rachel Siegel from CryptoFinally will also be featured at the event.

The New Orleans cryptocurrency conference mainly serves as an educational gathering to inform people about the value of blockchain technology. The event aims to close the gap between crypto experts and newbies, allowing novices to familiarize themselves with blockchain and cryptocurrency. More specifically, the program will focus on topics like the future of digital currencies, the rise of virtual reality, and the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

When asked about the attendees for this event, Richard Carthon had this to say:

“Our conference is meant for people who are new or know nothing about cryptocurrency or blockchain; people who know about cryptocurrency and blockchain and are trying learn more and grow their network; and people who are experts and want to meet other thought leaders or be seen as thought leaders.”

What is Crypto Current?

Crypto Current is a blockchain educational platform which seeks to provide comprehensive information about blockchain technology through various media outlets. Richard Carthon believes that interest in cryptocurrency will grow faster if people can understand the technology better. To this end, he created Crypto Current to help simplify the intricacies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the layman.

According to him: “Once I learned more about everything that is happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and how complex it is, I wanted to be able to explain it to people in a more digestible way. That is the reason why I created Crypto Current.”

Closing the knowledge gap in the blockchain niche will help strengthen the blockchain and crypto sector, facilitate development within this space and prevent the exploitation of prospective investors by shady developers.

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