Oracle Protecting Bee Supply Chain


Last week, Oracle announced it will be harnessing its enterprise blockchain platform to improve bee supply chain. More specifically, Oracle will help World Bee Project (WBP) to track and monitor bees in their hives using blockchain technology. Moreover, Oracle will develop a “BeeMark” label that will guarantee that honey produce is from ecological and sustainable sources.

Recent research on honey products found that about 76% of the honey sold in grocery stores is fake. Some of it even contains toxins which can affect people’s health. Blockchain provides the origins of honey, making it transparent for consumers to see exactly where their honey is coming from. This could then save people lives by identifying potentially harmful ingredients.

Helping Beekeepers and Suppliers

Using the Oracle Blockchain Platform, beekeepers, suppliers and other parties will be able to login information associated with beekeeping into an immutable database. Not only will this provide greater traceability of honey from hive to store, but it will also help prevent adulterated honey from finding its way in stores. Information collection from supply chain parties occurs with rapid speed. In addition, uploading to the platform helps to guarantee that nothing is added or subtracted from the final product.

Monitoring Bees Behavior

Research shows that the global bee population is in drastic decline due to changing temperatures, habitat loss, and insecticides. Scientists have warned that bees are in trouble. The safety and the health of our environment and food supply cannot be taken for granted. The loss of insects has far-reaching consequences for the entire ecosystem. Bees pollinate food crops while insects provide food source for many birds, amphibians, bats and reptiles.

Among the solutions proposed to help mitigate this threat to pollinators is blockchain technology. Through the Oracle blockchain bee supply chain initiative, the company will monitor bee hives across the globe. This involves installing devices to track the health and behavioral changes of bees. For example, acoustic monitoring can improve the knowledge of bee farming by giving beekeeper real-time status of the bees’ behavior, such as an impending swarm. Swarming is one of the most critical stages of beekeeping because, without a swarm, it would be impossible to sustain the bee community. By using blockchain distributed ledger to protect bee populations, Oracle is committing to ensure the sustainability of bee produce and continuity of bees.

Blockchain Initiatives

Oracle is one of the largest players in the BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) space. They continue to dominate the market and create the trends in the industry. As an innovator, Oracle Blockchain Platform continues to earn praise as the only cloud-backed BaaS solution that allows clients to automate day-to-day operations. It also provides services such as node provision blockchain explorer and improved security.

In addition to the BaaS solution, Oracle launched Oracle Intelligent Track & Trace blockchain application last month to help businesses to track products through their journey in the supply chain. The cloud-based application is pre-built on the Oracle blockchain platform.  This includes integration with enterprise applications such as supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer experience platforms and the Internet of things.

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