Salesforce Can Improve Blockchain Usability


Salesforce has been able to handle CRM so effectively through their cloud-based platform. However customers are now seeking blockchain technology solutions.

However, with their effectiveness and professionalism, they seem to have found a new challenge to add to their customer relationship management (CRM) area of expertise; blockchain technology.

Introducing Salesforce’s Blockchain Lite Technology 

Salesforce is one of the latest cloud-based companies to offer the general public a Blockchain service. However, the Salesforce version comes with a twist. This distributed public ledger tracks activity with real time that is operating centrally with verifiable permissions.

They are not alone on this giant stride as other top tech giants are on the same boat as Salesforce. Tech companies like IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and SAP are all part of the Blockchain-as-a-Service offerings.

Improving Blockchain Usability Through Blockchain Lite 

Salesforce prides itself to be able to bring all your team and technologies under one CRM platform. However with the Blockchain Lite platform being proposed, this will be a lot easier to manage. Therefore with the Blockchain platform, Salesforce will be able to offer benefits like:

  • Fast and easy way to build partner network for sharing verified and distributed data.
  • Controlled access to who can have access to these datasets with access granting protocols
  • Declaratively build apps, smart contracts, and networks that extend CRM to partners
  • Multiplatform integration through the Blockchain technology
  • Automation with lightening platform by making data actionable through the Blockchain with in-built support for flows, Bots, and Artificial intelligence.
  • Connected apps to engage partners for increased global reach

This technology operates with existing Salesforce programming  and open source Blockchain technology from Hyperledger. Likewise, this organization and partners in this consortium can now deploy and manage blockchain networks, smart contracts, workflows with clicks without the codes.

Their basic offering through the Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform is a simplistic service that enables the sharing of a distributed ledger. This is totally beneficial for audit trails, which is useful to track transactions and settle disputes and settlements among business partners.

Future Developments

Salesforce current has over 150,000 companies on their CRM platform. In addition, they continually demonstrate the innovative use of blockchain for enterprise purposes. Above all, connectivity in the modern-day business sphere is shaping up how business operations are carrying out transactions. This also has a great influence on the general customer experience.

In a hope to deliver this, Salesforce is harnessing the power and functionalities of the blockchain. Through the distributed ledger that saves the carried out transactions, traces, and authenticates data across every partner’s network.

In addition, by combining their CRM workflow with the data on the blockchain, companies through the Salesforce Blockchain Lite can create new business models. Furthermore, this can cover a whole lot of functions with its intending benefits to increase the speed of doing business.

João is, before anything else, an enthusiastic advocate for the decentralised world as he foresees a better future for human beings through blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Copywriter and content creator are among his professional titles, but his passion for this technology is what defines him better.

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