Samsung SDS Collaborates with Pega to Improve its Nexledger Platform


Bringing the best of both worlds, Samsung SDS announces bridging their Nexledger blockchain with Pega’s D.P.A. Platform alongside Tech Mahindra. The three-fold collaboration, starring the digital era protagonist Samsung SDS, takes to optimize manufacture traceability and warranty processes across industries. Beyond the shared history bringing the companies together, a shared vision gives reason to believe their future is even brighter.

The Foundations of a Digital Alliance

Namely, Tech Mahindra and Pega go way back to 2003 whereas April 2019 marks Samsung SDS’ partnership with Mahindra subsidiary. Safe to say, the involvement of the last across 13 sectors brings more than enough test cases for Nexledger universality.  Their tech subsidiary is an invaluable means to communicate, easing its deployment with the Pega Platform completing the puzzle.

However, the Pega Platform is of no less value in the collaborative effort. Their stride in automating end-to-end, manufacturer to customer processes is a Swiss Army knife for business. Basically, Pega’s digital process automation does what blockchain can’t, whereby the two allow digital reliance to the furthest extent.

People can see the platform in action during its showcase across several industry events, including ENG’s 4th Annual Automotive Warranty Management USA Summit.

Nexledger and Pega Platform: Integrated Approach to Diversify Blockchain Use Cases

Essentially, Pega’s D.P.A. core connects each step of a business, internal or external with the least coding required. Thus, uniting the Nexledger blockchain and Pega’s Platform enables permanent immutable storage and access to any company’s data of value. For example, manufacturers can add modules that connect their production facilities and avail it end-to-end. Companies can grant permissions to suppliers as well as retailers to give a real-time overview and streamline supply and demand.

Natesh Parameswaran, Vice President, Global Head – Digital Solutions & Pega Practice gives a well put summary on this aspect of the collaboration:

“we are demonstrating business process and business model innovation possibilities for organizations that are looking to break internal siloes and collaborate with external partners and suppliers seamlessly, to deliver differentiated value to their end customers,”

By enhancing data workflows, companies can seamlessly improve customer relations with accessible and dependable information. In turn, they improve overall business efficiency together with trust, where shareholders might be the greatest benefactor. Applications range across industries from banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, public services, logistics, and the supply chain.

A Methodical Solution to the Supply Chain

Usually, adoption and implementation of novel technology come in the most profitable industries or areas with the highest sense of urgency. According to Transparency Market Research, inefficiency still plagues distributive networks with an estimated value of US $15.5 trillion by 2023. Furthermore, the scope of issues from one industry to another is vast, which is why this alliance makes perfect sense.

Simply put, two of its participants have holding companies with all the questions whereas integrating both platforms is the answer. Hence, the trio can co-create a versatile framework to fill the gap and become a great asset for supply chains. Samsung SDS, Pega and Tech Mahindra aim to improve warranty management as an entry point to supply chain management.

Currently, a study by IBM showed that two thirds of warranty processing costs are attributed to administration. Obviously, automating those procedures cuts costs for manufacturers and makes them more efficient where quicker claim processing improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, the traceability that blockchain allows during a products journey from the authorized vendors throughout the supply chain eliminates fraud.

In short, warranty management is a stepping stone for Nexledge, Pega and Tech Machindra to envelop entire supply chain mechanisms. From there on, they’re prepared to seize a sizable portion of the growing market demand for the improvement blockchain brings. Additionally, the wealth of human resources lets them to quickly implement their solution, with seemingly limitless possibilities.

With fierce competition ahead, business networking serves another purpose in the joint venture. “This partnership will also enhance our reach in Korean, India and other APAC markets, maximize the joint offerings through a combination of respective platforms.” – states Tech Mahindra’s Global Practice Leader.

Final Words

Collaborating doesn’t bind Tech Mahindra to Nexledger, as Samsung SDS allows working on top of Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric too. Yet, Pega’s Platform and the universal nature of Nexledger broaden horizons for applying blockchain technology to companies worldwide.

Blazhej Atanasovski is a journalist and a technical writer who specializes in D.L.T. technology and startups. He relies on self-education, research, life-long learning as well as years of hands-on experience in computer science. As a philosophy graduate and a literary enthusiast, he tries to make complex topics interesting and understandable.

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