Turkish Telecom Giant Turkcell Introduces Blockchain ID Management Product


Turkcell, one of the fastest growing telecom company in the world, launched an identify management blockchain-powered project for global roaming during the 2019 Mobile World Conference (MWC). The company developed a blockchain product that enables its customers to handle their personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Turkcell Blockchain ID Management Product

While the current identify management product share clients’ information with third parties, the new product will allegedly store users’ information on a distributed ledger and abolish extra identity verification requirements. Besides the blockchain ID management system, Turkcell also introduced a blockchain-based donation product that would validate the donation eligibility of applicants using ID management system.

Serkan Ozturk, Turkcell’s Customer Experience & Information Technologies Executive Vice President, strongly believes that the use of blockchain technology is important in enhancing customer satisfaction of the company’s digital services. Ozturk further emphasised that the new product will help the firm to improve its online services and raise the standards in user experience.

Established in 1994, Turkcell is a telecommunication company based in Turkey and operating in nine nations globally. Last year, the company’s net income reached $377 million, and its revenues increased by 21% from the previous year.

Examples of Telecommunication Companies that are Using Blockchain Technology

Recently, Spain’s giant telecom firm, Telefonica, collaborated with Microsoft to enhance its digital innovations using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The partnership includes client-oriented technological advancements, based on earlier efforts laid by the two companies.

Additionally, South Korea’s biggest wireless service provider, SK Telecom (SKT), partnered with Germany’s Deutsche Telecom to create a commercialized, blockchain-based mobile ID product, which can be applied to access control, transactions, and contracts.

Other Blockchain Use Cases in the Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication sector currently has one of the most complex operations systems, comprising stakeholders, salespersons, clients, distributors, and Value-Added Service (VAS) providers. An operation framework with many parties raises trust issues and transparency problems. This calls for a clear method to monitor end-to-end operations of each party. Below are further blockchain use cases in the telecom industry.

Internal Process: Processes like Operating Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) like billing and other portability databases can be modernized using this technology.

Roaming: The distributed ledger system can solve this age-old issue facing operators by applying effective systems and offer validation settings for facilitating roaming calls across networks and operators.

Smart Connection: With the use of blockchain technology, mobile connections can be availed to various localized hotspots and WIFIs based on authorization and adherence to the set guidelines.

Mobile Money: The distributed ledger system can facilitate cost-effective global remittances. Telecommunication companies can be international remittance providers and compete with financial institutions more effectively.

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