Ubisoft To Support Gaming Industry Blockchain


Ubisoft, one of the leading video game creators, is aiming to support a gaming industry blockchain service, through a recent partnership with EOS-based distribution platform Ultra.

According to official announcements, Ubisoft is going to produce blocks, which will be incorporated in Ultra’s platform. This makes Ubisoft one of the large enterprises that have given Ultra a vote of confidence.

Gaming Industry Blockchain

By joining Ultra as a corporate block producer, Ubisoft is tying its activities to the blockchain distribution platform.

The main goal of this partnership is to incorporate Ultra’s already established gaming blockchain platform and to launch it among the big-time players in the industry. What Ultra aims to achieve with its platform is to dissolve the monopoly created around video games. Through employing blockchain capabilities, Ultra is able to offer staged blockchain downloads.

However, in order to meet the increasing demand for this type of service, Ultra needs an enterprise partner with the technical capabilities to produce blocks, and to validate transactions and payments. 

This is where Ubisoft steps in. According to the preliminary plan, Ubisoft is going to create the blocks necessary for validating transactions performed on the Ultra platform.

Not only that, but Ubisoft is supporting the further development of the blockchain distribution platform.

Revolutionary Blockchain Distribution Platform

What Ultra essentially aims to achieve is create a fair ecosystem where small-time developers and big names like Ubisoft can co-exist, and produce new games together.

When it comes to developers, Ultra offers rewards in Ultra Coins for developers who decide to participate in market research programs and beta testing projects. Game developers also get the opportunity to share their games with a wide audience, while getting faster and secure payments through blockchain. In addition, Ultra offers on-site marketing tools to popularize new game releases instantly.

Other than that, the platform offers on-site trading functionalities, which allows users to trade virtual goods, which they received in-game. Not only that but because of the staged blockchain structure of the platform, users get access to the purchased games and items in a matter of seconds. 

All these functionalities are becoming the norm for other industries, but the case is not the same for the video games one. There is a huge monopoly in the gaming industry, with several big names, including Ubisoft, controlling a large percent of the market share. Currently, the video gaming industry is worth USD 28.5 million, and this number is expected to grow over the next several years.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

Considering this, Ubisoft is making an extremely liberal move, and positioning itself on the side of developers, rather than on that of big money-making machines in the industry. This is one of the first big-time players to commit to making the gaming industry a fairer place, by partnering up with a blockchain-based distributor. 

For the moment, Ubisoft is only participating in a blockchain testing phase. However, if this trial turns out to be successful, the company has announced plans to connect to the Ultra main net as well.

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