Vanity Rolls Out Solution Enabling Crypto Users to Customize their Wallets


For a more personalized experience in the crypto space, Vanity Global has developed a blockchain-based technology that generates a custom prefix of not more than 11 leading characters for any crypto wallet. 

Per the announcement:

 “An ordinary address consists of random letters and numbers, for example 0x0xb1c7f…, which can lead to stressful operations while sending funds to and from an exchange/wallet due to countless double checks.”

The report added:

“Vanity offers a real solution to this problem by giving crypto users a way to customize their wallet address, like 0xC0DE911.., and instantly recognize it as their own, simplifying the process of making a transaction.”

The long characters accustomed to crypto wallets usually trigger the anxiety of losing funds. Since Vanity is a blockchain solution corporation, it seeks to take this worry away by offering a new security layer and peace of mind to crypto investors through the new solution. Per the report:

“While generating an address with Vanity two pieces are required to be merged in order to generate the custom wallet private key, which is the “password” that is used to import and interact with the wallet.”

Since any crypto wallet consists of an address and private and public keys, Vanity makes the user-end generation serverless. 


As a result, a new key pair is produced, whereby the split key generation is made possible by Vanity’s high computing power and the public key. 


Vanity stated:

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“At this point, the customer has everything needed to create the private key of the desired address and using again user-end generation, it only requires pasting the Vanity Key saved and clicking one button to generate the final Vanity address private key.”

Meanwhile, Samsung announced that its flagship phone Galaxy S22 Ultra would be equipped with a crypto wallet and users would also be able to store ID documentation and keys in digital format, Blockchain.News reported. 

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