WordPress Plugin to Boost Copyright Protection by Timestamping Content on the EOSIO Blockchain


Upon setting up a plugin dubbed WordProof Timestamp, WordPress users will be able to store and encode their content on the EOSIO blockchain. As a result, the open-source blockchain platform will guarantee any WordPress website copyright protection and transparency.

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Blockchain certificate pop-up

Timestamping is a sequence of encoded information or characters, which shows when a given event happened. Once the content is timestamped, a universal and unique fingerprint or hash for all media files, pages, and posts will be generated. In a case scenario where the content changes, the hash is also altered. The hash gets added to the blockchain platform with a date and time because this will help the website owner show proof of ownership over the content.

According to the announcement:

“With WordProof Timestamp, you can timestamp your WordPress content on any EOSIO blockchain from the comfort of your WordPress site. No prior blockchain experience necessary. After the set-up, everything is taken care of automatically.”

Blockchain-based SEO benefits

This new development is touted as a game-changer in unveiling the next-generation search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, which will be pegged on blockchain technology.

The WordProof Timestamp will enhance content transparency by increasing claim authenticity and trust. Some of the notable features will include copyright infringement claim tools, downloadable blockchain certificate as proof of existence, and a blockchain certificate pop-up on the website.

According to statistics by web technology survey firm W3Techs, WordPress is utilized by 63.5% of websites that use the content management system (CMS), representing 38.7% of all websites. 

Recently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated that it views blockchain technology as a turning point in addressing illicit internet content of abusive imagery associated with social ills such as sexual exploitation and violence.

Specifically, blockchain is being deployed together with another technology called PhotoDNA developed by Dartmouth College to help cloud storage platforms and social media networks delete all abusive and illegal images from their databases.

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

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