Zamna: Blockchain Airport Security Solution


Zamna, previously VChain Technology, has successfully raised more than 5 million US dollars in order to develop a system for blockchain airport security checks. 

The company was backed by big-time players like Oxford Capital, Telefonica and a number of angel funds. A big portion of the funds came from an already established investor in Zamna’s activities – the International Airlines Group (IAG). 

It is true that introducing blockchain technology to airport security checks might seem like a bit of a stretch. However, it turns out that the storage capacity and undeniable speed of the blockchain can actually revolutionize the way we travel. 

Blockchain Airport Security Checks

The main goal for Zamna is to make flying easier and faster. Currently, the biggest problem airlines and airport security face is the slow procedure of checking every passenger’s identification. 

According to Zamna, with the introduction of blockchain airport security checks, the whole industry will eventually become capable of offering a better service to travelers. 

The way this revolutionary approach will speed up airport security procedures is quite simple. What Zamna is looking to achieve is to make the data that airlines already collect for every passenger available to security and other services at airports through a blockchain system called Advance Passenger Information (API). This will streamline the security process, and make the transfer of information between different sectors and interested parties faster.

Of course, in order for this system to become completely functional, airlines will have to start collecting passenger information on blockchain-based platforms. 

How does it work?

The Zamna platform is created on top of a set of complex algorithms, which perform checks on the accuracy of data generated through the API platform. What makes the platform stand out from the systems used nowadays is blockchain technology.

Once a set of information coming through the platform is verified, the platform issues a validation token, which makes this set recognizable throughout the network of users connected to the platform.

This validation process means that airlines and airport security officers have access to all verified identity information on the blockchain at any time. Not only that but once passengers are successfully verified through the platform, their information is stored for all future travels. 

Security Concerns

One of the main concerns with the introduction of a new type of passenger information management system is security. However, the innate security qualities of blockchain technology are an easy solution to this problem.

The reason behind Zamna’s decision to look into blockchain airport security checks is this technology’s versatility. While providing speedy and functional processing, the blockchain also protects the highly-sensitive information airlines collect. 

Test Mode

Zamna is already enjoying the attention of some of the largest names in the airline business. One of the major clients using their platform is the Emirates Airline, which incorporated this blockchain technology from a very early stage.

Several governmental bodies are using Zamna’s platform as well. An example is the United Arab Emirates General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners (GDRFA) who are using the platform to track check-ins and other residency trackers.

The fact that Zamna’s services are already entering government institutions and big airline companies. This is proof that this project will become more successful as time passes. Additionally, the 5 million dollars from investors is going to provide a good boost. Furthermore, this will foster the further development of the Zamna platform. 

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