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The New York Times Tackles Fake News
The News Provenance Project is one of the latest endeavors of the New York Times Research and Development department. The[...]
Key Limitations of Public Blockchain Networks
Blockchain has made huge strides in terms of popularity over the course of just a couple of years. Today, organizations[...]
Comparing the Different SEC Filings for Blockchain Companies
As of late July, Facebook’s Libra project, a cryptocurrency program that could bring digital coins to billions of Facebook users,[...]
New Global Regulations for Blockchain Enterprises in 2019
After slapping other blockchain enterprises with civil penalties, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues their enforcement of the 2017[...]
History of the SEC Fines of Blockchain Enterprises
Similar to other emerging technologies, blockchain-based enterprises are subject to murky regulatory waters. Alongside other global regulatory agencies, the Securities[...]
Brexit: How Blockchain Will Impact Government
The Brexit resultant issues have been heavy on Britain even with their status. The talk and push for Brexit resulted[...]
Blockchain-based Alternatives to Student Loans
Center stage in policy discussed at the DNC national debates, federal student loans account for over $1.5 trillion in debt[...]
NEO and Travala Join Forces 
Travala, a travel bookings platform has accepted an equity investment from NEO Foundation to introduce blockchain technology to the travel industry. The[...]
San Marino Blockchain Fighting Climate Change
The government of the Republic of San Marino has embarked on a task to improve its carbon footprint by utilizing[...]
A Call for Certainty on Crypto Tax Code
Tax authorities’ stances on cryptocurrency places a heavy burden on investors. A civilized nation built on the certainty of its[...]